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Focus 3

How can you be of service? It's a big question. As humans, we're eager to offer knowledge, advice, and counseling to solve any given problem. We believe that if we can provide a solution, everything will be better.  As instructors, it is not our duty to provide a solution, but rather to guide students to find their own path, just a you're finding yours. Here we dive into the well-known application of yoga and our teaching approach. The more equipped you are with knowledge and understanding of the physical and mental benefits of the practice, the more you can serve every individual. We'll explore:

  • understanding anatomy and physiology
  • why anatomy and physiology are important for yoga instructors
  • kinesiology and the importance of how we move
  • fascia - what is it and how it impacts movement
  • MANY yoga philosophies
  • what's best for your students
  • how to create a yoga experience vs a yoga class
  • handling various classroom scenarios
  • debunking the stress-relieving myth of yoga

Required Weekends

February 23, 24, 25
March 16, 17, 18
April 20, 21, 22
June 22, 23, 24
July 12, 13, 14, 15
September 14, 15, 16
January 2019 - 11, 12, 13

Choice Weekends and Workshops

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