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WELCOME Welcome welcome!!! We are so excited to welcome you to Ignite Yoga! There were so many hands in making this studio possible, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am. In fact, I was thinking about it today (1/7/14): the hours, favors, and hard work that have gone into making this studio are countless (or as the Mastercard commercials say: priceless) It's things that I can never repay.

It takes a lot of vulnerability and conscious willingness for me to receive generosity. I consider myself a very independent person. In fact, in one of my Baptiste trainings, we did an exercise to discover our inner slogan, the one that comes up in many situations, especially when you go into survival mode; my slogan was "I DON'T NEED YOU." YOU referring to help from others. Sounds kind of awful huh? It's actually helped me in a lot of situations. I have assembled queen sized beds, moved large pieces of furniture, survived with only $9 in my bank account, and have taught myself a number of things. My slogan has helped me become a great problem solver only so I would not have to ask for help. What it has hindered, is allowing others to give their gift of giving.  

There's numerous articles on the emotional and well-being benefits of giving. Humans feel more fulfilled when they give. It's an act of kindness. But how fulfilling is it when the other party doesn't receive. It's a two way street. If you do not receive gratefully, you are not contributing to the fulfillment of another person. Plain and simple.   

I see this studio as a gift... an ongoing gift really. Something that can be shared and received by anyone that walks through the doors. We welcome you to Ignite Yoga with open arms and hope that you will share in our passion of igniting yoga in the Dayton community and beyond. We Can't Wait To See You!  

Justina and the Ignite Yoga Team 

Shout Outs

A HUGE thank you to Cheri Stammen for the logo and both Cheri and Reka Juhasz for the website. If it wasn't for them I would still be trying to figure out wordpress.

Thank you to the amazing former Metta yoga team for making this a smooth transition and helping with the dirty work.

Thank you to Cyrissa at Immerse Photography for all of our beautiful colorful photos.

Thank you to Butt Construction for showing me the way to getting walls built.

Thank you to City of Centerville and Sign Connections for their quick turn around with signs and occupancy. 



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