Are you in the spirit?

I love this time of year. I love holiday lights, music, decorating the Christmas tree, and being around friends.  But the thing I love the most is the spirit. 

This time of year everyone comes together with a common goal in mind - to give.  People give in different ways, such as gifts, offering their home, and donations of items, time, and money. No matter their circumstance or bank account, people find a way to give.  How or what you give is not the important thing here.  What's important is that the giving is often to someone you would not typically give to.  It's someone that's not in your circle or social group but instead, it's someone outside of your comfort zone.  It may be the Salvation Army, a homeless person, a women's shelter, or perhaps you're donating your time at a soup kitchen or nursing home. This time of year, the line between "us" and "them" becomes less defined and we move closer towards "we." This time of year, despite beliefs, opinions, and social class, people come together. 

The holiday "spirit" shows us what's possible when we all work with a common vision.  We lose sight of this pretty easily, especially since our world is pretty cold right now. So as you move through this holiday season, keep in mind of what's possible when we come together.  Notice the impact, and then perhaps we can hold this vision all year long.   

Justina SanfordComment