Oftentimes, our biggest obstacle is our very self. We’ve been there. We understand. At Ignite, we encourage you to face these uncertainties, excuses or fears and join us. We offer classes to suite and soothe your every need.


60 min  •  $65


60 min  •  $85


Drop-in  •  $12 per class
10-class Pass  •  $100*
In studio only - i.d. required


Drop-in  •  $15 per class
5 Class Pass  •  $65*
10 Class Pass  •  $120* 
Monthly Unlimited  •  $99


New Student (1 month)  •  $40
Monthly Membership  •  $85

Drop In

5 Class Pass

10 Class Pass

Monthly Unlimited

*3-month expiration from date of purchase. Passes cannot be shared.

**Offer available in studio only. $85 monthly membership is a one time offer. A 3-month minimum commitment and automatic renewal is required. Membership may be cancelled after first 3-months with a 7-day notice of cancellation.


Every class offers an experience of movement, breath, and quiet. How we approach our teaching varies on what you hope to receive from your practice. Below is your guide to find the experience your seeking.


Life can be tough. We disperse energy in all we do—our conversations, our attention, our mental focus. We can give so much that we find ourselves with little left—leaving us unbalanced and unpaced. Zen brings you back to simplicity by incorporating gentle flowing movement, long deep stretches, stillness, and meditation. It’s a class to soothe everyone.



“If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten.” This pattern is easy to fall into, and difficult to disrupt. This class is your epiphany, your a-ha, your awakening. It will take what you know and create a new experience on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. We’ll explore well-known postures, introduce more challenge, expand our awareness, and begin to understand that there’s always more than what meets the eye.


Every middle or end first had a beginning. The place that's often most difficult because it's new, messy, and even a little awkward. Luckily, this class is your safe haven. Our instructors focus on foundation, form of postures, breaking down how-to flow, and your success. If you're ready to dive into classes—begin here. We'll be there to help you along the way.


It feels good to give it your all, to walk away exhausted and triumphant. You know that nothing stood in your way. You showed up and it. feels. good. This class is about tapping into your personal power again and again so that it becomes who you are. It incorporates heat, breath, drishti and dynamic sequencing to create a challenging and rewarding experience. You’ll step away from your mat with that powerful feeling of “I’ve got this.”


Just say, “Ahhh.” This is the rejuvenation you crave and never quite schedule. So we've done the work for you. Offered almost monthly, this class combines restorative and/or yin yoga with meditation. Expect stillness, soft movement and soothing mental focus. This class is peace. It’s comfort. It’s...rest. 
(offered monthly for $20 - check schedule)



You can not have light without dark. You can not have strength without weakness. To IGNITE is to explore the realms of life and begin to understand that it’s all part of the whole. This class is physically challenging and mentally thought provoking—incorporating heat, sweat, facilitated discussion, and support. It’s a whole being experience. Designed for those ready to dive deep and be a force for something greater in life. 

Can't make it into the studio? We've got you covered. Whether you are on-the-go or a stay-at-home mom, you can connect to our community through our individual downloads. They are yours to keep!

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