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Module 2

One of the most benevolent attributes you can possess is the the willingness to understand another life... again, and again, and again. Each of us walks through a world so colored by our own unique experiences that we forget the simple fact that—everyone is having their own unique experience. No one student walks into our classes with the same exact body, thoughts, history, physicality, or learning ability. It's our job to continuously study others ways of being so that we can better relate, connect, and serve.

  • understanding who your student is
  • the power of connection
  • how to approach students of various backgrounds
  • the western body and how it's practicing
  • teaching to groups vs. private sessions
  • injuries - not just physical
  • creating an empowering experience

Required Weekends

February 23, 24, 25
March 16, 17, 18
April 20, 21, 22
June 22, 23, 24
July 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th
September 14, 15, 16
January 2019 - 11, 12, 13

Choice Weekends and Workshops

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