Family Classes at Stubbs Park



This year we're offering classes catered to your whole family! Wellness is of the utmost importance, and nothing teaches kids more than doing it together. These classes are fun, interactive, and even silly. You'll experience a mix of kids yoga postures, adult postures, partner work, and yoga games. All classes are held on the memorial platform as you enter Stubbs Park.

These classes are offered the first Friday of the month.

Fridays 5:45 - 6:30p

June 1st
July 6th
August 3rd

Don't miss our biggest community event of the year!

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Yoga in Stubbs Park



Our Summer yoga classes at Stubbs Park are back!  A core value at Ignite Yoga is community, and what better way to serve than at one of the city's most loved parks.

This year you can catch us the second and fourth Wednesday of the month for a class lead by one of our amazing instructors. We practice on the memorial platform right in front of the pond. Classes are open to adults and kids but are geared more towards an adult practice. For a more family friendly opportunity check out our family classes. In the case of inclement weather, please follow and check our Facebook Page for cancellation or an alternative practice. All classes are BYOM (bring your own mat!).

Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00p

June 13th
June 27th
July 11th
July 25th
August 8th

Don't miss our biggest community event —Yoga in the Outfield on August 9th!
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BUILD: Foundation in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the most ancient and comprehensive system of health and focuses on the whole being to promote well-being. The goal of Ayurveda is to bring harmony and balance to all areas of one’s life. It doesn’t look just at the physical body and symptoms, but investigates all areas of life to discover the root of the problem. This foundational workshop will introduce you to the basics of this sister science of yoga. We will look at how the elements, the seasons, and even the time of day can impact your health. We will explore your personal constitution, or dosha, and help you examine your current state for imbalances. 

Join Joane Wire to kick off your exploration of Ayurvedic practices.

When: Saturday June 30th
Time: 1:00 - 3:00p
Cost: $35 per person
Instructor: Joane Wire

Yoga in the Outfield @ Fifth Third Field


Thursday, August 9th
6:00pm - 9:00pm


We're excited to bring you the 4th annual "Yoga in the Outfield"—a community event intended to bring folks together for a night of fun, yoga, and connection. All on the Fifth Third Field!

Join us for a light-hearted yoga class on the Dragons field (no experience required) and then head to the deck to connect with your fellow yogis and friends.

This event is 100% community - share it with your friends!

Advanced Ticket Purchase - $20 (over $56 value)
Dragons Hat
Dragons t-shirt
Dragons Game Ticket
60-minute Yoga class
1 complimentary beer/wine ticket for the Milano’s Tap Room
1 ticket entry to win some great raffle prizes

Day of Event Purchase $25 (over $56 value)
Dragons Hat
Dragons t-shirt
Dragons Game Ticket
60-minute Yoga class
1 complimentary beer/wine ticket for the Milano’s Tap Room
1 ticket entry to win some great raffle prizes

When: Thursday August 9th
Time: 6:00 - 9:00p
Cost: $20 advance purchase, $25 day-of

Keyword "yoga"

READ: The Four Agreements


Welcome to Ignite Yoga's inaugural book club! As with everything Ignite and yoga, the journey is to expand your mind. All books will be selected to encourage you to contemplate, think, and perhaps, act. In our meetings, we will gain insight on how differently we each approach the same book and support one another as we tap deeper into the spiritual journey we are all on.

Meetings will be held quarterly to discuss one book in its entirety. Each book will be announced at the book club meeting and allotted 1.5 - 2 months reading time so that you can enjoy and absorb all that you're ingesting.

The intention of our book club is to further our learning and growth off the mat while creating space for our Ignite Yoga community to come together. 


  • Each meeting is held at Ignite Yoga studio
  • Group discussion facilitated by Joane Wire
  • Beer, wine, water, and tea are provided at each meeting
  • Light snacks provided or bring something to share!
  • Books are announced at each book club meeting and to be read prior to next meeting
  • Meetings held May 6th, August 19th, and November 4th 2018.


READ: The Four Agreements

When: Sunday August 5th
Time: 7:00 - 8:30p
Facilitator: Joane Wire
Cost*: $15 registration per meeting
*10% off for Ignite Yoga members



BUILD: Weekend w Rocky Heron

Physical health requires movement diversity and while yoga offers a wide range of shapes, all too often, like most systems, classical yoga falls short of insuring that we stay diverse. Instead of liberating our bodies through yoga, we may end up simply placing ourselves on a different (albeit looser and perhaps longer) leash. In this innovative and informative weekend, Rocky will hand you the keys to liberate your body and take a pivotal step toward a long-term, successful movement practice that transforms and includes traditional yoga. Broaden your body’s expressive potential. Diversify your capacity for movement. Explore a broader range of potential joint articulations; a more diverse set of possibilities in motion. Pull, jump, bounce, lift, tone, stabilize, and play your way toward expanded possibilities. Unleash yourself!—You have the power to move and enjoy your body. Come learn, grow, and play with us in this fun and transformative weekend!

Friday Sept. 14th 6:00 - 9:00p
In this opening vinyasa based session we will unwind your spine, and re-route your energy powerfully into the earth. We will leverage the reaction force from the ground in playful and joyful ways as we buoyantly weave through standing postures, hip openers, and accessible arm balance options. Along the way expect to learn groundbreaking techniques to evolve your experience in a wide range of asana and transitions, all while deepening your knowledge around the mechanics of your magnificent body. All levels are welcome.

Saturday Sept. 15th 11:30 - 2:30p
Want to learn how to dramatically increase the strength and stamina of your muscle tissue? Are you curious how to play an active role in the reparation of old injuries? Isometrics are one essential tool. In this session we will explore closed chain and open chain techniques, aligning our joints and turning on muscles that may be locked short/long or off-line. These simple yet powerful techniques will help to entrain coherent signals throughout your nervous system that will load your tissues for optimal healing and, when applied to your practice, enable massive gains in your stability and pose efficacy.

Saturday Sept. 15th 3:30 - 6:30p
How do we become more flexible? In this session we will explore our muscle’s ability to actively shorten (concentric) and lengthen (eccentric). When we bring awareness into these co-contractions and work them with purpose, the dual aspects of our practice (strength and flexibility for example) all yoke together, collaborating toward a more unified whole. Learn techniques to intelligently stabilize your body for greater ranges of motion. Submerge yourself with intelligent awareness. These drills will be used to empower success in your practices of back-bending, and asymmetrical leg stretches.

Sunday Sept. 16th 11:00 - 2:00p
In between life’s moments, there are a never-ending threads of transition. It is in our ability, or inability, to move with ease and confidence through these transitions that life opens up to us as we open up to it. In this session, we will explore our bodies potential for plyometrics; using the earth as our trampoline to leverage downward force into upward levity. The result will be a more spring-loaded, efficient movement, enabling us to explore more elusive transitions on our mat with greater ease and skill - arm balances, and dynamic standing poses. All levels welcome!

Full Weekend includes the above 4 workshops. A $75 non-refundable deposit is included in your full weekend price. No refunds available 14 days prior to the start of the first workshop.

$220 early bird through Aug 19th
$250 after Aug 19th

ARE YOU A YOGA INSTRUCTOR? Don't forget to register for Skill & Drills: Teacher Tune-Up!
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BUILD: Skill & Drills—Teacher Tune-up

Yoga is evolving, and it's time to upgrade your practice and teaching!

Are you interested in learning more about your body and functional movement?

Looking to empower yourself with the skills to evolve your practice and teaching in the direction of diverse and intelligent strength? Are you ready to break free of the box of traditional pose alignment to map your own creative pathways into increased mobility and movement possibilities?

If so, then you are ready for Skill and Drills!

Join international master teacher Rocky Heron for an illuminating and transformative learning opportunity. The key to physical health is diversity of movement. All too often we exchange habitual movement patterns off the mat for likewise limiting patterns in our practice. In Skills and Drills we will use traditional yoga asana and transitions as a springboard to explore your bodies potential to move, and achieve optimal mobility in all directions. We will pull, jump, bounce, lift, tone, stabilize, and play our way into greater possibilities, unlocking the keys to success in your physical practice, and the power within you to express and enjoy your body!

In this teacher immersion you will learn:

-Applied Anatomy of common Yoga Poses and methods to de-mystify your understanding of them

-Innovative drills to enhance the safety and potency of your students movements

-Biomechanic strategies to enable healthy tissue adaptations

-Scientific Strategies to assist in the reparation of injury and bring more of your musculature online

-Sequencing strategies to integrate Skills and Drills into your hatha and vinyasa classes

-Techniques to help your students and you embody elusive postures with success

-Isometric and Isotonic principles to develop a strong and spring-loaded practice

-Cross training for Yogis that compliment and enhance your practice

-Much more!

Come learn, grow, and play with us for this fun and transformative session! Hours can be applied to continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Registration Now Open!
A $25 non-refundable deposit is included in your registration. No refunds 14 days prior to the start of the workshop.

When: Sunday Sept. 16th
Time: 3:00 - 6:00p
Cost: $58 through Aug 19th; $68 after Aug 19th

Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio