BUILD: Foundation in Sanskrit

BUILD: Foundation in Sanskrit

An ancient language of India, Sanskrit dates back over 3,500 years and is the predominant language of Hindu philosophy and our yoga practice. This is one through-line that most yogi's are adamant about maintaining but lack the resource to learn, pronounce, and use the language correctly.

So we bring you an opportunity to build your foundation in the Sanskrit language with local yogi and doctor, Sangeeta Agrawal. Sangeeta has been speaking Sanskrit from a young age and brings years of knowledge and practice. In our time together, you'll learn:

  • how to pronounce sanskrit words correctly
  • how to chant and pronounce the first four Yoga Sutras
  • the importance of inflection in the sanskrit language
  • how to pronounce common yoga postures
  • translation for many common yoga postures
  • a key to remember many of the translations

Space is limited—Register today!

When: Saturday August 18th
Time: 12:00 - 3:00p
Cost: $35 registration
Instructor: Sangeeta Argrawal

READ: The Four Agreements

READ: The Four Agreements


Welcome to Ignite Yoga's inaugural book club! As with everything Ignite and yoga, the journey is to expand your mind. All books will be selected to encourage you to contemplate, think, and perhaps, act. In our meetings, we will gain insight on how differently we each approach the same book and support one another as we tap deeper into the spiritual journey we are all on.

Meetings will be held quarterly to discuss one book in its entirety. Each book will be announced at the book club meeting and allotted 1.5 - 2 months reading time so that you can enjoy and absorb all that you're ingesting.

The intention of our book club is to further our learning and growth off the mat while creating space for our Ignite Yoga community to come together. 


  • Each meeting is held at Ignite Yoga studio
  • Group discussion facilitated by Joane Wire
  • Beer, wine, water, and tea are provided at each meeting
  • Light snacks provided or bring something to share!
  • Books are announced at each book club meeting and to be read prior to next meeting
  • Meetings held May 6th, August 19th, and November 4th 2018.


READ: The Four Agreements

When: Sunday August 19th
Time: 7:00 - 8:30p
Facilitator: Joane Wire
Cost*: $15 registration per meeting
*10% off for Ignite Yoga members



BUILD: Weekend w Rocky Heron

BUILD: Weekend w Rocky Heron

Physical health requires movement diversity and while yoga offers a wide range of shapes, all too often, like most systems, classical yoga falls short of insuring that we stay diverse. Instead of liberating our bodies through yoga, we may end up simply placing ourselves on a different (albeit looser and perhaps longer) leash. In this innovative and informative weekend, Rocky will hand you the keys to liberate your body and take a pivotal step toward a long-term, successful movement practice that transforms and includes traditional yoga. Broaden your body’s expressive potential. Diversify your capacity for movement. Explore a broader range of potential joint articulations; a more diverse set of possibilities in motion. Pull, jump, bounce, lift, tone, stabilize, and play your way toward expanded possibilities. Unleash yourself!—You have the power to move and enjoy your body. Come learn, grow, and play with us in this fun and transformative weekend!

Friday Sept. 14th 6:00 - 9:00p
In this opening vinyasa based session we will unwind your spine, and re-route your energy powerfully into the earth. We will leverage the reaction force from the ground in playful and joyful ways as we buoyantly weave through standing postures, hip openers, and accessible arm balance options. Along the way expect to learn groundbreaking techniques to evolve your experience in a wide range of asana and transitions, all while deepening your knowledge around the mechanics of your magnificent body. All levels are welcome.

Saturday Sept. 15th 11:30 - 2:30p
Want to learn how to dramatically increase the strength and stamina of your muscle tissue? Are you curious how to play an active role in the reparation of old injuries? Isometrics are one essential tool. In this session we will explore closed chain and open chain techniques, aligning our joints and turning on muscles that may be locked short/long or off-line. These simple yet powerful techniques will help to entrain coherent signals throughout your nervous system that will load your tissues for optimal healing and, when applied to your practice, enable massive gains in your stability and pose efficacy.

Saturday Sept. 15th 3:30 - 6:30p
How do we become more flexible? In this session we will explore our muscle’s ability to actively shorten (concentric) and lengthen (eccentric). When we bring awareness into these co-contractions and work them with purpose, the dual aspects of our practice (strength and flexibility for example) all yoke together, collaborating toward a more unified whole. Learn techniques to intelligently stabilize your body for greater ranges of motion. Submerge yourself with intelligent awareness. These drills will be used to empower success in your practices of back-bending, and asymmetrical leg stretches.

Sunday Sept. 16th 11:00 - 2:00p
In between life’s moments, there are a never-ending threads of transition. It is in our ability, or inability, to move with ease and confidence through these transitions that life opens up to us as we open up to it. In this session, we will explore our bodies potential for plyometrics; using the earth as our trampoline to leverage downward force into upward levity. The result will be a more spring-loaded, efficient movement, enabling us to explore more elusive transitions on our mat with greater ease and skill - arm balances, and dynamic standing poses. All levels welcome!

Full Weekend includes the above 4 workshops. A $75 non-refundable deposit is included in your full weekend price. No refunds available 14 days prior to the start of the first workshop.

FULL WEEKEND (Friday - Sunday Morning)
$220 early bird through Aug 19th
$250 after Aug 19th

$58 early bird through Aug 19th
$68 after Aug 19th

ARE YOU A YOGA INSTRUCTOR? Don't forget to register for Skill & Drills: Teacher Tune-Up!
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BUILD: Skills & Drills—Teacher Tune-up

Yoga is evolving, and it's time to upgrade your practice and teaching!

Are you interested in learning more about your body and functional movement?

Looking to empower yourself with the skills to evolve your practice and teaching in the direction of diverse and intelligent strength? Are you ready to break free of the box of traditional pose alignment to map your own creative pathways into increased mobility and movement possibilities?

If so, then you are ready for Skills and Drills!

Join international master teacher Rocky Heron for an illuminating and transformative learning opportunity. The key to physical health is diversity of movement. All too often we exchange habitual movement patterns off the mat for likewise limiting patterns in our practice. In Skills and Drills we will use traditional yoga asana and transitions as a springboard to explore your bodies potential to move, and achieve optimal mobility in all directions. We will pull, jump, bounce, lift, tone, stabilize, and play our way into greater possibilities, unlocking the keys to success in your physical practice, and the power within you to express and enjoy your body!

In this teacher immersion you will learn:

-Applied anatomy of common yoga poses and methods to de-mystify your understanding of them

-Innovative drills to enhance the safety and potency of your students movements

-Biomechanic strategies to enable healthy tissue adaptations

-Scientific strategies to assist in the reparation of injury and bring more of your musculature online

-Sequencing strategies to integrate Skills and Drills into your hatha and vinyasa classes

-Techniques to help your students and you embody elusive postures with success

-Isometric and Isotonic principles to develop a strong and spring-loaded practice

-Cross training for Yogis that compliment and enhance your practice

-Much more!

Come learn, grow, and play with us for this fun and transformative session! Hours can be applied to continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Registration Now Open!
A $25 non-refundable deposit is included in your registration. No refunds 14 days prior to the start of the workshop.

When: Sunday Sept. 16th
Time: 3:00 - 6:00p
Cost: $58 through Aug 19th; $68 after Aug 19th



"Guard your balance as you would your most precious resource." - Deborah Adele

Life is crazy, busy, hectic, stressful— even when it's going perfectly, there's still a lot your carry on your plate.

So it's time. Time to wind down and turn inward to give the still space within the attention it's been longing for. This is the rejuvenation you crave and never quite schedule. Expect stillness, soft movement and soothing mental focus. This class is peace. It’s comfort. It’ 

When: Sunday September 16th
Time: 6:30 - 8:00p
Cost: $20 Registration*
Instructor: Joane Wire
*10% off for members

BUILD: The Basics

BUILD: The Basics

New to yoga? This is your perfect starting point. In this workshop we will explore basic elements of yoga, including breath, asana (poses), meditation, yoga philosophy, and even yoga studio etiquette. This class is designed for the beginning yogi, however, is a great workshop for experienced practitioners who wish to hone in on the basics. Please bring mat and water. Laughing and having fun are encouraged. Registration required. 

When: Sunday September 30th
Time: 1:00 - 3:30p
Cost: $35 Registration*
*Space is limited

BUILD: Core Strength Vinyasa

This comprehensive 15-Hour CSV Yoga Workshop Immersion, guided by Alyson Wish, is for yoga teachers and students alike who want to take their yoga to the next level. Infuse your teaching and practice with cutting-edge anatomy and new generation non-linear alignment cueing using Deep Core Line anatomy. Learn how to move the way YOUR body was born to move, find more freedom in your poses as you stay core-connected and express outward – and learn to teach others how to move from their center too. Receive invaluable teaching essentials with CSV’s signature cues and methodology, tips on how to build creative and successful sequencing, how to find your authentic teaching voice and attract more students to your classes, and key steps to your transformation on and off the mat. Vibrate at the frequency of that which you want to attract!




Find a new perspective on your yoga with Alyson Wish, (Montréal, Canada) CSV Yoga master trainer for founder Sadie Nardini. Dive deep into the principles of this yoga that transcend into any style you currently teach or practice. 

Deconstruct to Reconstruct your asana from the ground up and the inside out. CSV Yoga is a non-linear, biomechanics-based, transitional style, that uses knowledge of the Deep Core Line myofascial muscle meridian, as a primary tool for effective function, physics, and flow in Vinyasa practices. 

Revolutionize traditional yoga poses with cutting-edge holistic anatomy and new generation alignment cueing. Learn how to engage the deep core line to decompress joints, stimulate circulation, blood flow, and stoke your metabolism. Use physics to gain more power with less effort in all your Poses and less time on your mat. Incorporate CSV Fundamental Cues into any style of yoga you practice or teach! Students love it!

Join Core Strength Vinyasa master teacher, Alyson Wish, for a deep dive into the principles of this yoga that can transcend into any practice and style you teach. Founder, Sadie Nardini (Brooklyn), developed this style over ten years of independent study and alongside her mentor, Leslie Kaminoff (The Breathing Project, NYC.) Now you can discover it too! 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 12th 5:00 - 8:00p
Core Strength Vinyasa - Master Class

In this master class, discover The What and The Why behind Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga anatomy and philosophy. Apply the biomechanics and physics of the Deep Core Line myofascial muscle meridian into your practice to move you, organically, from the inside out. Alyson will guide you through a Fire Flow Yoga Practice, and the Golden Flame Breath, to stoke your creative powers, burn away what no longer serves you, and make space for your transformation.   $47 Registration

SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th 10:00 - 12:30p
CSV Physics and Flow - Master Class
Sthira (stability) and Sukha (mobility) – the two most profound concepts in any given asana practice. In this master class, Alyson guides you through CSV’s Four Fundamental Cues that utilize the Deep Core Line as a primary tool for function and flow to remove habitual movement patterns that can cause compression and stress on joints and soft tissues. Feel the difference as you move from the ground up, and from the inside out – every time. Balance strength and ease, gain more power with less effort, (and less time!), on and off your mat!  $47 Registration

SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th 1:30 - 5:30p
Physics and Flow - Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Deep Core Line

What exactly is the Deep Core Line? Let's break it down. Here we'll learn the anatomy and biomechanics of the Deep Core Line, how to access it’s power by using Ground Reaction Force to our advantage with non-linear movement. Explore transitioning into all your favourite traditional poses in a non-traditional way and transform how you experience your practice. You'll gain teaching nuggets to effectively cue your students while deepening their practice, in any style that you teach
$62 Registration

SUNDAY OCTOBER 14th 11:00 - 1:30p
CSV Yoga Flow + Yoga Shred® and Restorative Gut Massage - Master Class

Join Alyson for this final master class to explore further CSV cutting-edge anatomy and new generation alignment cues to boost you to your next level – physically and energetically! This Yoga Flow includes a Yoga Shred® session, by creator Sadie Nardini. Yoga Shred® is a mindful, effective, fusion of yoga poses and better-aligned fitness moves combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to activate fast-twitch muscles that help you build stronger, leaner muscles, and infused with cardio, that asana alone cannot do. Finally, free your breath with techniques that turn tense/weak muscles into strong/fluid tissues with a Coregeous Ball™. Bust anxiety and fear and step into your personal freedom!
$47 Registration

SUNDAY OCTOBER 14th  2:30 - 5:30p
Anatomy of the Golden Flame Breath

Within us all resides three powerful domes of support only ignited through breath. In this final workshop discover The What and The Why of CSV breath cues for more effective ‘inner body’ spinal stability and mobility. Leave feeling confident to teach uniting The Four Fundamental Cues with CSV Breath cueing. We'll then dive-in to explore how to teach amazing classes with successful sequencing, and uncover your unique, authentic, teaching voice to attract more students to your classes. Your vibe attracts your tribe!.
$62 Registration

Master Class - $47 registration
Anatomy Workshop - $62 registration
Full Weekend - $250 registration

SAVE 10% - Register by September 30th!



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