BUILD: Cosmic Prana - FREE!

Feeling depleted from the holidays???? Come re-energize yourself through 4 (11 minute) pranayam meditations. We will have a 20-minute discussion, followed by different breathing meditations, some chanting (turning breath into sound), abundance of relaxation between meditations, all with sound vibration and music. Resetting the rhythms of your body and realizing your connection to the cosmos, Prana is the energy that sets our life in motion.

Empty belly recommended. 

When: Thursday Dec. 27th
Time: 10:30 - 12:00p
Cost: Free
Instructor: Lori Wantz

Note: This is one of a series of community mini-workshops led by our 300-hour teacher trainees. Please register in advance by choosing “BUILD: Free!” Space is limited.

BUILD: Core Strength Vinyasa

BUILD: Core Strength Vinyasa

This comprehensive 15-Hour CSV Yoga Workshop Immersion, guided by Alyson Wish, is for yoga teachers and students alike who want to take their yoga to the next level. Infuse your teaching and practice with cutting-edge anatomy and new generation non-linear alignment cueing using Deep Core Line anatomy. Learn how to move the way YOUR body was born to move, find more freedom in your poses as you stay core-connected and express outward – and learn to teach others how to move from their center too. Receive invaluable teaching essentials with CSV’s signature cues and methodology, tips on how to build creative and successful sequencing, how to find your authentic teaching voice and attract more students to your classes, and key steps to your transformation on and off the mat. Vibrate at the frequency of that which you want to attract!




Find a new perspective on your yoga with Alyson Wish, (Montréal, Canada) CSV Yoga master trainer for founder Sadie Nardini. Dive deep into the principles of this yoga that transcend into any style you currently teach or practice. 

Deconstruct to Reconstruct your asana from the ground up and the inside out. CSV Yoga is a non-linear, biomechanics-based, transitional style, that uses knowledge of the Deep Core Line myofascial muscle meridian, as a primary tool for effective function, physics, and flow in Vinyasa practices. 

Revolutionize traditional yoga poses with cutting-edge holistic anatomy and new generation alignment cueing. Learn how to engage the deep core line to decompress joints, stimulate circulation, blood flow, and stoke your metabolism. Use physics to gain more power with less effort in all your Poses and less time on your mat. Incorporate CSV Fundamental Cues into any style of yoga you practice or teach! Students love it!

Join Core Strength Vinyasa master teacher, Alyson Wish, for a deep dive into the principles of this yoga that can transcend into any practice and style you teach. Founder, Sadie Nardini (Brooklyn), developed this style over ten years of independent study and alongside her mentor, Leslie Kaminoff (The Breathing Project, NYC.) Now you can discover it too! 

FRIDAY JANUARY 25TH 5:00 - 8:00p
Core Strength Vinyasa - Master Class

In this master class, discover The What and The Why behind Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga anatomy and philosophy. Apply the biomechanics and physics of the Deep Core Line myofascial muscle meridian into your practice to move you, organically, from the inside out. Alyson will guide you through a Fire Flow Yoga Practice, and the Golden Flame Breath, to stoke your creative powers, burn away what no longer serves you, and make space for your transformation.   $47 Registration

SATURDAY JANUARY 26TH 10:00 - 12:30p
CSV Physics and Flow - Master Class
Sthira (stability) and Sukha (mobility) – the two most profound concepts in any given asana practice. In this master class, Alyson guides you through CSV’s Four Fundamental Cues that utilize the Deep Core Line as a primary tool for function and flow to remove habitual movement patterns that can cause compression and stress on joints and soft tissues. Feel the difference as you move from the ground up, and from the inside out – every time. Balance strength and ease, gain more power with less effort, (and less time!), on and off your mat!  $47 Registration

SATURDAY JANUARY 26TH 1:30 - 5:30p
Physics and Flow - Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Deep Core Line

What exactly is the Deep Core Line? Let's break it down. Here we'll learn the anatomy and biomechanics of the Deep Core Line, how to access it’s power by using Ground Reaction Force to our advantage with non-linear movement. Explore transitioning into all your favourite traditional poses in a non-traditional way and transform how you experience your practice. You'll gain teaching nuggets to effectively cue your students while deepening their practice, in any style that you teach. 
$62 Registration

SUNDAY JANUARY 27TH 11:00 - 1:30p
CSV Yoga Flow + Yoga Shred® and Restorative Gut Massage - Master Class

Join Alyson for this final master class to explore further CSV cutting-edge anatomy and new generation alignment cues to boost you to your next level – physically and energetically! This Yoga Flow includes a Yoga Shred® session, by creator Sadie Nardini. Yoga Shred® is a mindful, effective, fusion of yoga poses and better-aligned fitness moves combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to activate fast-twitch muscles that help you build stronger, leaner muscles, and infused with cardio, that asana alone cannot do. Finally, free your breath with techniques that turn tense/weak muscles into strong/fluid tissues with a Coregeous Ball™. Bust anxiety and fear and step into your personal freedom!
$47 Registration

SUNDAY JANUARY 27TH 2:30 - 5:30p
Anatomy of the Golden Flame Breath

Within us all resides three powerful domes of support only ignited through breath. In this final workshop discover The What and The Why of CSV breath cues for more effective ‘inner body’ spinal stability and mobility. Leave feeling confident to teach uniting The Four Fundamental Cues with CSV Breath cueing. We'll then dive-in to explore how to teach amazing classes with successful sequencing, and uncover your unique, authentic, teaching voice to attract more students to your classes. Your vibe attracts your tribe!.
$62 Registration

Master Class - $47 registration
Anatomy Workshop - $62 registration
Full Weekend - $250 registration

SAVE 10% - Register by Jan 1st!

READ: The Happiness Project

READ: The Happiness Project

"No two persons read the same book.” -Edmund Wilson

READ is a deep dive book club that provides the opportunity to connect with your peers on topics that will expand your mind. In our meetings, you will gain insight on how differently we each approach the same book and support one another as we tap deeper into the spiritual journey we are all on.

Meetings are held quarterly to discuss one book in its entirety. Each book is announced at the book club meeting and allotted 1.5 - 2 months reading time so that you can enjoy and absorb all that you're ingesting.

The intention of our book club is to further our learning and growth off the mat while creating space for our Ignite Yoga community to come together. 


  • Each meeting is held at Ignite Yoga studio

  • Group discussion facilitated by Joane Wire

  • Hot tea and water provided

  • We welcome light snacks or BYOB to share, but not necessary

  • Books are announced at each book club meeting for the next quarter

READ: Less.
By: Rose Lounsbury*

When: Sunday February 3rd
Time: 7:00 - 8:00p’ish
Facilitator: Joane Wire
Cost: $15 Drop-in, class pass, or membership

*We’re excited to be featuring local Author, Rose Lounsbury, in our Winter book club! Stay tuned for minimalism workshops from Rose coming up this spring.

ReTREAT: North Carolina

ReTREAT: North Carolina

“I want to be as idle as I can, so that my soul may have time to grow.”

S P A C E is the intention of this ReTREAT. We’ll set out for the Blue Ridge Mountains to distance ourselves from the noise and constant pulling of our attention—turn off your cell, leave behind the demands, and drop the expectations. Use the time to be bored (which most of us have forgotten how to do), contemplate, and nestle into conversation with fellow participants. Through our guided discussions, meditation, yoga, and hikes, you’ll rediscover what it means to “have” space and learn how it’s used as a tool to maintain peace, clarity, and to support others. You’ll begin to feel different as you renew your spirit and connect back to your inner knowing.

Over the course of the ReTREAT, you will participate in stillness, movement, and discussion. More specifically:

  • seated meditation

  • walking meditation

  • hiking (optional)

  • massage (optional)

  • vinyasa yoga practice and workshops

  • gentle and restorative yoga practice

  • self inquiry through guided group discussion

Check-in is 5:00p on Thursday February 28th
Check-out is 12:00p on Sunday March 3rd

All sessions will be guided by Justina Sanford and/or Joane Wire. Between the two, you will find the perfect combination of support, accountability, kindness, and guidance.

Justina Sanford, 500 E-RYT
Justina is the head catalyzer at Ignite Yoga. During this retreat, she will guide you through vinyasa practices, pranayama, and facilitate daily discussions.

Joane Wire, 200 RYT
Joane is the Whole Being Director at Ignite Yoga. During this retreat, she will guide you through daily meditation, restorative yoga practices, and facilitate book-lead discussions. 

5:00p Check-in and settle-in
6:30p Dinner
8:00p Evening discussion and yoga practice

7:00a Hike
7:30a Breakfast
8:30a Morning meditation
9:15a Morning yoga practice
11:00a Lunch and break
1:00p Discussion
3:00p Break
5:00p Gentle Yoga Practice
6:30p Dinner
7:45p Evening discussion and yoga practice

7:00a Hike
8:00a Morning meditation and yoga practice
10:00a Brunch
12:00p Depart (head home or to downtown Asheville!)

Self-nourishment is priceless. It sometimes takes days to restore back to a non-stress state. But when we do, we realize how much we enjoy it there.

Included in the investment of your ReTreat is the following:

  • Daily yoga practices

  • Daily meditations

  • Daily guided inquiry discussions

  • Easy access to hiking and mountain views

  • 3-nights at Bend of Ivy Lodge

  • 8-clean, whole, locally sourced meals and daily snack

Single Room - $ 1297
Shared Double - $ 997

*10 person minimum
*$500 deposit is required with registration to reserve your spot

Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio