BUILD: Hands-On Assisting

Calling all instructors!

Hands-on assisting is an opportunity to enhance your ability see students bodies and recognize where you can be of service. This workshop will transform your teaching by sharing the tools to provide safe, hands-on assists, that can be offered in many styles of yoga. We will take a look at:

  • Why we assist
  • Principles of alignment
  • Styles of assists
  • Hand placement and position
  • Leaving students in their greatness
  • Assisting while teaching

We will look at assists for these common yoga poses and more!

Standing Postures                  Twists                      Backbends                Seated/Folds             
Warrior 1 & 2                          Crescent Twist          Bridge                      Seated Forward Fold
Crescent Lunge                      Chair Twist               Cobra                       Baddha Konasana
Triangle                                                                                                     Half Pigeon
Tree Pose                                                         

This workshop is interactive and hands on. It is practice in action. You will be given direct feedback so that you can begin to master effective assisting and provide more service to your students.

When: Saturday October 7th
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Where: Ignite Yoga
Cost: $65 Registration**
** If you have taken our former program "HANDS ON! Assisting" you will receive a discount for this program. Please call (740) 317-7333 for more information.


Beginner Series I (Sundays)

New to yoga? This is your perfect starting point. In this 6-week series we will explore some basic elements of yoga, including breath, asana (poses), yoga philosophy, and even yoga etiquette. This class is designed for the very beginning yogi, however, it is a great series for experienced practitioners to hone in on the basics. Please bring mat and water. Preregistration required. 

When: Sundays
Dates: Oct 22 - Nov 26
Duration: 6 - Weeks
Time: 4:00 - 5:15p
Cost: $90 Registration prior to series*
*Space is limited


"Guard your balance as you would your most precious resource." - Deborah Adele

Life is crazy, busy, hectic, stressful— even when it's going perfectly, there's still a lot your carry on your plate.

So it's time. Time to wind down and turn inward to give the still space within the attention it's been longing for. This is the rejuvenation you crave and never quite schedule. Expect stillness, soft movement and soothing mental focus. This class is peace. It’s comfort. It’ 

When: Sunday October 22nd
Time: 5:30 - 7:00p
Cost: $20 Registration*
Instructor: Joane Wire
*10% off for members

Our next Rest class is Sunday October 22nd!

Kids Fun & Flow (Wednesdays)

One thing we hear our students say is, "I wish I would've started sooner. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I started practicing when I was young."

It is common to feel stress EVERY day. It has become an ingrained part of our culture that it's even difficult to notice it in ourselves. Children are experiencing the demands as well, yet we struggle to offer them the tools to cope.

Yoga is gaining attention as a tool for stress management, for both adults and children. It has been proven to assist with developing focus and self-regulation skills. It also provides a way to improve their self-esteem by bringing attention to the body through self-awareness. If you're anything like us, these concepts didn't dawn on us until our mid-to-late 20's or later and we're still working on them.

So what would it be like to start young?

Well, this Baltimore school has replaced detention with meditation..
Click here to read what happened.

We are so excited to offer this 4-week series.
The request for it has been through the roof, so here it is!

The six week Children’s Yoga will focus on:

·      Physical yoga poses
·      Meditation
·      Emotion Identification
·      Self-Concept
·      Education regarding benefits of exercise
·      Integration of breathing and poses to connect the body and mind

Sessions will include yoga flow, meditation techniques, games that promote learning and understanding, arts & crafts centered around a benevolent theme, music, dancing, and more. All activities are designed for children ages 8-12.

DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 4:45 - 5:30p
DATES: Oct 25th - Nov 15th
COST: $45 per child*
AGE: 8 - 12 years


  • no drop-ins, each week is progressive in nature, building off of the week(s) prior
  • there are no refunds or make-ups for sessions missed
  • parents must sign a liability waiver at first session or prior to
  • children may be dropped off and picked back up, but please be timely
  • space is limited to 10

You & Me Yoga

Grasp your child’s curiosity as he or she learns yoga through social interaction and play. Parent and Me yoga class includes games, stories, music, songs and rhymes to help little ones explore different yoga poses, breathing techniques, and ways of being calm and centered. Child and caregiver together will enjoy storytelling, singing, dancing and working with the other children in the class to help increase their attention spans and nurture self-esteem and creativity. Lightheartedly relieve stress while building a healthy lifestyle! Sessions are designed for parent and up to two toddlers walking to age 4.

When: Fridays Beginning October 27th
Duration: 4 - week series
Time: 11:45 - 12:30p
Cost: $50 Registration
Instructor: Courtney Adam


  • no drop-ins
  • there are no refunds, class credits, or make-ups for sessions missed
  • parents must sign a liability waiver at first session or prior to
  • space is limited to 8 adults

DJ HyFi - Power JAM!

We're known to jam out... but we haven't jammed like this before!

Meet DJ Hyfi—a pioneer in the fusion of yoga and electronic music. He has toured the country and internationally, performing live DJ sets for workshops, festivals, and events. He's worked with world-renowned instructors and is a regular asset to Wanderlust festivals. Now he's right at your doorstep.

When: Thursday November 9th
Time: 7:00 - 8:30p
Cost: $25 per person*
Instructor: Justina Sanford
*10% membership discount applies

All other classes cancelled this evening

Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio