Every day we pollute our bodies. Whether it's from the air we breath, our nutrient-poor diets, the lotions we lather on, or the stress we experience, our bodies are constantly taking in and even secreting it's own toxins.  The good news is our body is designed to engage in detoxification every day.  However, we live in a new era where we experience more toxicity than ever before, so it's almost a necessity to aid your body in the elimination process. 

In this Detox Flow Masterclass, we will engage in a short discussion on the topic of toxicity in our bodies, the sources of that pollution, the impact the toxins have on our body's systems, and how yoga supports the detox process more than any other modality.  We will discuss the impact that not only food and environment have, but also stress. 

You will be guided through a 2 hour practice that will engage and support the three systems that play a crucial role in the elimination of waste: digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic. The word "masterclass" does not imply an advanced practice but rather one that will require a strong sense of focus and dedication.  A regular yoga practice is recommended. 

When: Saturday January 7th
Time: 10:00 - 12:30p
Cost: $35 Registration $31.50 Members
Instructor: Justina Sanford

Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio