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Anatomy Deep Dive

Anatomy Deep Dive

w Kim Carter

"I have a sharp pain at the top of my hamstring."
"My hips are so tight."
"I don't understand why I can't stick my handstand."

All things you might hear from a student. What do you say?
Most likely there's a nice reasonable response... but do you really understand what might be happening for them?

The Anatomy Deep Dive is your local opportunity to learn about the moving body so that you can better understand your practice and your student's. You will have further understanding of how we all stem from the same matrix, but have individual movement patterns that can directly impact our yoga practice. This workshop is composed of both instructional and experiential learning.

Kim Carter is back in the house for this two part, four module workshop. Sign-up for one or, we recommend all, to have a deep understanding of the anatomical movement of the body.

Single Sessions - $40
One Day - $67
One Day (members) - $57*
Two Days - $117
Two Days (members) - $107*

*members are those on our recurring monthly membership

October 29th

Module 1:           11:30 - 1:30p
Basic Anatomical Concepts and the Practice of Reading Bodies

  • What are we doing when we practice asana?
  • Physiological Concepts: a body in movement is a series of ever changing relationships
  • Bones and Joints - what's their form and function?
  • Muscles - how they work and clarifying the word "contraction."

Module 2:         2:30 - 4:30p
The Vertebral Column and the Breathing Apparatus

  • Structure of our Trunk: Basic overview of shoulder girdle, pelvis, and vertebral column
  • Rib Cage and Breathing Apparatus
  • Muscles of the Trunk and their Function

November 5th

Module 3:        11:30 - 1:30p
Supporting Pathways - Anatomy and Function of the Lower Limbs and Pelvis

  • Root to Rise: the structure and function of the foot and how it affects upstream
  • Bones of the Lower extremities and how they work together
  • Experiential differences among our bodies
  • Muscles of the lower limbs

Module 4:      2:30 - 4:30p
Supporting Pathways - The Shoulder Girdle and Upper Limbs

  • The Shoulder Girdle
  • The Arms
  • The Wrist and Hand
  • Flip Your Tadasana
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