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Breath & Bandhas: Mini-shop

Pranayama is the 4th limb of our yoga practice. "Prana," or energy, is the collective source that makes up our body-mind connection. Pranayama literally means "control of prana." In yoga, we believe prana, or energy, can be optimized through the intentional control of our breath. To create this experience, we must call upon the resources within, primarily our "bandhas," or energy locks.

The bandhas are groups of muscles and movements that when activated properly through breath control, they create a feeling of lift and lightness in your body. They also have the ability to create laser-like focus and peace and clarity in your mind. There are many styles of pranayama. In this workshop we will focus on a few unique styles to engage your bandhas and create upward action to feel lightness in your body. We'll move through various postures and explore where this "bondage" can help power you in your practice.

When: Friday April 28th
Time: 5:45 - 7:15p
Cost: $20 Registration (10% off for members)
Instructor: Reka Juhasz

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Later Event: May 7
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