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BUILD: Shoulder Stability

Should Stability for Injury Prevention.

That is the overall goal of our time together. In this workshop, we’ll dive in to discuss and explore how strengthening the shoulders and supporting structures can prevent injury, improve mobility, and long term health and functional movement. We’ll take a look at anatomy of the overall shoulder and the shoulder joint to understand exactly how is moves.

Discussion and physical practice are part of this 90 minute class. You will leave with an understanding of movements you can use to strengthen the muscles that support your yoga practice, making chaturanga dandasana, updog, down dog and postures where your shoulders and hands are weight bearing more safe and accessible. With strong shoulders, not only do you stand taller, but you may one day have a safe hand stand, wheel or other fun and challenging postures.

When: Saturday January 5th
Time: 1:30-3:00p
Cost: Free!
Instructor: Kathy Wright, 300-Hour TT

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