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Vino & Vinyasa
Sept. 13th •6:15 - 8:00p

The perfect way to wind down your week! Join us for a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow class paired with sips and gulps of red and white wines with your fellow yogi's. We’ll explore wines that will take you into winter. Bring your friends, your husband, or your friend's husband, because you will not want to miss this smoooooth transition into the weekend!


Exploring the Chakras
Sept. 22nd •3:00 - 5:00p

In this lecture/discussion style workshop we will explore the subtle energy system that encompasses all aspects of the human experience, the chakras. The chakra system is a road map to find your way around the psyche and the self. We will explore the attributes and qualities of each chakra and examine how imbalances are created.


Movie: The Biggest Little Farm
Sept. 27th •6:30 - 9:00p

Our new location is described as “a really nice house.” So we invite you into our home for a casual and fun projector-style movie night.

We’ll bring the popcorn and you bring the other snacks to share. We’ll use bolsters and blankets to snuggle in and watch a great film.



“I love the vibe I get when I enter the studio. Everyone is very welcoming. Ignite Yoga has allowed me to feel calmer, but has also given me more self-confidence. I feel like I am becoming a better person because of decisions I make for myself. I love the little tidbits of information the instructors give before, during, and after class that make you think and also inspire change.”


About us

Welcome to the studio that has a fiery commitment to your personal growth and well-being. If you’re hungry for life, vibrancy, and becoming your best self, you’ve found the right place. 

  • We train—we ensure that our instructors continuously educate themselves on modern day mental health, yoga philosophy, and the latest advancements in movement and biomechanics.

  • We limit distraction—although we believe distraction is an inside job, we minimize it so that you can do your inner work. We do this in two ways: 1. No phone zones in our yoga rooms 2. We maintain a clean environment

  • We share—it’s not easy to personally grow. It means you have to do or think something different and in order to make that happen, you often need to hear different perspectives. So we’ll share ideas from our own learning


Will yoga help you
lose weight?

Let’s begin with a brief history lesson. There are references of yoga existing as far out as 10,000 years ago—long before anyone was concerned about their weight, muscle mass, appearance, or general body shape. It was a stressful time and their big concern was doing the work to get basic needs met, such as food, water, and shelter. They also spent time resting and connecting to spirit because most of what they needed perceivably depended on mother nature or higher power. So they sat and dedicated their time to purity of thought and reciprocation of the gifts (crops, water) they had received from her/him.


What to expect

It takes courage to start. We recommend you register for a class ahead of time, come a few minutes early, and don’t eat 90 minutes before practice. Pack your mat, towel, and water. Once you arrive—leave your socks, shoes by the door and all your technology in your cubby: a little detachment goes a long way.


Still reading?

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Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio