We're taking a break from our NextGen series to honor the month of thanks and giving. Between work, school, sports, homework, laundry, meals, birthday parties, parent meetings, and, and.... where do you find the time to connect with your family? Especially your kids! It's very difficult. So we’re taking the excuses off the table and hitting the pause button.

Join us for our complimentary family classes.

Parents and children will learn, grow, play, and spend quality time together. We'll focus on supporting each other through yoga poses and breath all while smiling and laughing.
All sessions are divided age appropriately. See below for the schedule!

Time: 5:00 - 6:00p
Cost: Free!

November 7th: 14 - 17 yo

November 14th: 10 - 13 yo

November 21st: 5 - 9 yo

Ignite Yoga- Dayton, Ohio