Ignite is committed to providing you with many different options and styles of classes. We offer a holistic approach to your yoga experience, keeping in mind all aspects of health—physical, mental and spiritual. In this way, the techniques and programs used all encompass these components to provide each individual with wrap-around support, healing and challenge. Ignite is continually looking ahead to new ways to teach and train our clients, so our list of services evolves and responds to current needs and desires.


Private and Semi-Private

Our most popular service, private sessions are created just for you. Private sessions are great for those that are:

•  Beginners
•  Looking for a more personal setting
•  Working with an injury
•  Unable to make scheduled class times
•  Wanting to work on specific yoga aspects
•  Wanting to practice a specific type of yoga


60 minutes  •  $65

Semi-Private (2 people):
60 minutes •  $85

Blissful Savasana •  $11 for 10-minutes
Off-site travel •  $5 per session               

Primordial sound meditation

Taught by Joane Wire, a Chopra Center certified PSM instructor, primordial sound meditation is a personalized meditation practice that consists of 3 one-hour sessions. You will receive a personal mantra based on your birth date, location, and time and be taught how to use it on a daily basis to reawaken balance, tranquility, and compassion within. As a participant, you will be introduced to the basics of meditation as well as delve deeper into philosophy and higher states of consciousness. The course is designed to help you build a strong foundation to form a solid meditation practice.

simply psm

An abridged version of our full course, you will receive your personalized mantra and the basics of beginning a daily meditation practice.


PSM Course - Three Sessions

Semi-private Sessions Program  •  $240/person*

Simply PSM - One Session

Semi-private Session  •  $150/person*

Call or email for appointments
(740) 317-7333

*Two person minimum


Nutrition Sessions

Initial Consultation • $175/person*

Follow-up Sessions • $95/session

*includes initial consultation and one follow-up session

Joane is a registered and licensed dietitian and is certified as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute. Through nutrition, yoga, and meditation she empowers her clients to live a more balanced and nurturing life.

nutrition counseling

Learn to heal yourself using the ancient system of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda originated in India and translates to "knowledge of life." It is a system of health that focuses on healing the whole person - body, mind, soul and spirit. Using the traditions of Ayurveda, we seek to find the root of the problem with a focus on prevention. Together, we will look at the current state of your life and investigate the elemental imbalances of both body and mind. We can then begin to determine the best approach to optimum health. You will begin to feel more balanced and maintain the quality and longevity of life.


Sports Teams 

Although our first passion is yoga, our second passion is many other forms of fitness. Most of our instructors at Ignite are athletes in some other form; from crossfit to collegiate athlete to running... we know your bodies get stiff and tired. The best news, is that yoga can actually enhance your athletic ability. Call us today to discuss how yoga can compliment your athletic team!


Group Sessions

Our group programs are catered to your specific group needs. We'll come to you, or you come to us! Call so we can design your specific plan.

•  Corporations
•  Hospitals
•  Local organizations
•  Local charities
•  Yoga Parties
•  Kids yoga
•  Teen yoga