As tech and wearables become ingrained in our lives—we request you detach from it at least for 60 minutes at a time.

+ Absolutely no cell phones in the yoga rooms
+ Cell phones on silent. Always.
+ Apple watches on theatre mode while in class


To create a relaxed and comfortable space for all we ask that you consider the following:

+ Be mindful of classes going on around you
+ Leave shoes in the front lobby
+ Wear deodorant (maybe even extra deodorant)
+ No fragrance or perfumes
+ Wash your yogi towels and mats regularly
+ Do not bring valuables into the studio. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Here are a few clothing related notes to consider:

+ Wear breathable fabrics
+ Dress in form-fitting clothing that you feel comfortable in
+ No shoes or socks needed during practice


Our heating and ventilation system is unparalleled in the area. Come and try it.

+ Our power classes are heated at 90 degrees
+ You’ll sweat—it warms your muscles and helps detoxify your body
+ Hydrate regularly with electrolytes


Time is a non-renewable resource. We ask that you take it as seriously as we do.

+ Studio opens 20 minutes before class time starts
+ Please arrive five minutes before class
+ Doors are locked at the start of class
+ 7-minute max. showers


We offer classes in two different rooms.

+ We ask for a four-hour cancellation notice
+ You will NOT forfeit a class or be penalized in any way

+ We ask for a four-hour cancellation notice
+ You agree to forfeit one session if you hold a class pass


We are a mighty powerful community always ready to offer more.

+ Excellent teaching in two different sized spaces
+ Hands-on assists (with ability to opt out)
+ State-of-the-art heat and ventilation system
+ We use essential oils regularly
+ Friday night casual socials, book club, community classes
+ On-site massage therapy
+ Boutique retail experience